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Where You Can Discover & Share Experiential Expat Knowledge!

Since the introduction of the World Wide Web and then Google search, all aspects of our lives have been significantly altered by the way knowledge is disseminated, assimilated and shared. As expats, we’ve come to rely on this knowledge, available at our fingertips.

At TheExpat.com, we are a team of expats that have travelled the world and crossed boundaries to bring you first-hand expat knowledge, from relocation basics right up to property and finance intricacies.

Having been there and done that ourselves, we know what it’s like to scour our laptops in search of the right information on our adopted home. It wasn’t always easy, getting all the information in one place—neither was it consistently updated nor accurate.

You have to be ‘one’ to understand ‘one’, and that empathy fuels our passion to share updated, on-target and city-specific information most commonly searched by expats. Our website covers comprehensive information in the following key areas:

Property | Relocation | Education | Finance | Health | Kids

We have also reached out to experts/consultants in all of the above fields to provide counsel, support and a clear voice of guidance to expats wading in murky waters of uncertainty.

If you’re an expat looking for support or an expert willing to contribute back to the expat community, we would love to hear from you at enquiry@theexpat.com

May you find your spot in the world!

TheExpat.com Team





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