10 Safest Countries In Asia for Women Who Love To Travel Solo

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As any traveller will know, there are certain precautions you need to take when travelling, such as not walking in unfamiliar areas late at night after a six-hour drinking session, or leaving your luggage unattended at the airport – even just for the briefest of seconds.

After the emergence of the worldwide best-selling novel “Eat, Pray, Love”, where a down-and-out divorcee flees to Bali and India to renew her weary soul, many women took to crossing the globe—caught up by wanderlust fever! Though nothing new, the trend of travelling solo is rising despite certain countries in Asia having male-dominated cultures.

Asia is becoming a popular destination with its fast growing tourism market, shoe-string budget travel choices, and exotic allures. Furthermore, there are many countries in Asia that are incredibly safe for both men and women to visit; boosting low crime rates and favourable global safety rankings.

As a women travelling alone though, it would be wise for you to be aware of your surroundings and factor in all the necessary precautions. In the infographic below, we learn about the 10 safest countries in the Asia Pacific region for women struck by wanderlust (based on statistics), and tips on how to stay safe while out and about.

Not surprisingly, Singapore trumps the list! If you’re a frequent solo traveller with opinions of your own however, we’d love to know where you’ve felt the safest while travelling through Asia.

Safest Places to Travel alone for Women in Asia

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