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20 Reasons To Be Thankful About Living Abroad in Singapore

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As an expat in Singapore, there may have been times when you felt a little homesick, whether for the weather, the food or loved ones back home. The best cure for homesickness? Finding reasons for contentment wherever you are. So here’s 20 reasons to be thankful about living abroad in Singapore—see if you agree!

1. Getting around in Singapore is so easy and affordable

You can get around the whole of Singapore by public transport and you will be on time. After all, getting lost on the little red dot wouldn’t be such a good excuse for being late, would it?

Train System Map Jun 2015 - large

Train System Map Jun 2015 (Photo:

2. Architectural marvels in your backyard

With two of the three most expensive buildings in the world right here—Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa—you’ve got instant bragging rights.



3. Once you’ve tried the world’s best chili grabs, you can’t go back!

The national debate on where to get the best chili crab—Singapore’s unofficial national dish—is still ongoing, but Singaporeans can agree that you’re missing out if you haven’t had this finger-licking good crustacean dish.

tunglok chilli crab


4. 24-hour local food haven

Imagine life in Singapore without char kuey teow, curry puffs, satay, and chicken rice. The struggle is real: With so much good food, it’s impossible not to gain weight!

chicken rice

5. The street food is actually hygienic!

If you have a sensitive stomach, rest assured, because street food in Singapore isn’t just delicious, it’s clean.

street food singapore


6. Swimming is elevated to a whole new level

Imagine swimming in the 495-foot pool in Marina Bay Sands. Where the shimmery waters fade into the blue skies and the horizon is literally your goalpost!



7. Walking around late at night feels safe

Sometimes, you might have to work till late at night. But getting home safe never felt like an issue, nor do you have to clutch on to your bag for fear of snatch thiefs.

singapore at night


8. There is always something to celebrate all year round

Singaporeans are definitely no strangers to partying. With so many cultures in one country, it’d take a year to celebrate them all.

singapore celebrations


9. Greens so supreme, you’ll want to look away from your digital screens!

So much foliage and wonderfully soothing distractions in one city. And gardens that look phenomenally wonderland to say the least!

gardens singapore


10. The world’s coolest hybrid is the international ambassador

What country would think of marrying a lion and a fish together then making it its international mascot? Singapore, that’s what.



11. Sales, sales, sales; all year round

In the 8 weeks between May and July is the Great Singapore Sale, and for the rest of the year, there are Chinese New Year and Christmas sales. Prepare your wallet for a serious workout.

sales shopping singapore


12. Rise of café culture and superb coffee

Hipster cafés are popping up everywhere like mushrooms after the rain, but you won’t hear any complaints because good coffee is always welcome, anytime of the day.



13. You learn new forms of punctuation and grammar from the locals

To lah or not to lah, that is the question. When used correctly, it can add some much-needed emphasis and flair to your sentence or eliminate unnecessary words. Try it someday-lah!

chatting friends singapore happy


14. There is always somewhere new to go for drinks, with an added view

Boasting one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Asia with rooftop bars, beach bars, and dance clubs, you’ll be spoilt for choice and feel on top of the world.

bars drinks singapore


15. Famous and not-so-famous artists, musicians, celebrities pop by all the time

Big-time artists, indie musicians, and boy bands—all of them have performed in Singapore at some point in their careers, so there’s a chance that your favourite artist will pay a visit to Singapore if they haven’t already.

Taylor Swift's RED Tour - Singapore


16. There’s no shortage of theme parks for expats all ages, young and ‘young of heart’!

From Universal Studios Singapore to Legoland Malaysia Resort to the freaky Haw Paw Villa to the upcoming KidZania Singapore, there is no shortage of entertainment options on the island city for inhabitants of all ages, young and ‘young of heart’!

Universal Studios Singapore


17. Indie (read: hipster) culture is alive and thriving

Go to Tiong Bahru, Haji Lane or Everton Park, and you’ll find various artisanal coffee shops, vintage fashion, quaint trinket shops, specialty bakeries, and walls filled with graffiti, to while away the weekends.

hipster alley singapore


18. Changi Airport isn’t just a gateway to other countries; it’s a role model.

The airport that is more than an airport: In addition to travel amenities, Changi Airport has a cactus garden, an orchid garden and koi pond, a sunflower garden, a butterfly garden, and the tallest indoor slide. According to NBC News, Changi Airport has been voted the world’s best airport for two years in a row.

changi airport singapore


19. You get to take day trips to forested islands like this

Fancy a relaxing day trip free from the hectic lifestyle of the city? Pulau Ubin is an island off eastern Singapore and is considered the last village in Singapore. A stroll or cycling trip through Ubin takes you back to Singapore in the 1960’s, but with views of a different kind of jungle (the non-concrete kind!).

pulau ubin singapore


20. Living in Singapore makes you feel like a boss

Singapore isn’t as cheap as you might expect it to be—it is said that Singapore is one of the most expensive cities for expats. However, the quality of life is definitely ranked among the highest, if not the highest, according to a Mercer survey as quoted by The Straits Times.

orchard road singapore


Got any other reasons to be thankful about living abroad in Singapore? If you think we missed out anything, feel free to leave your comments in the box below!

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