While Singapore screams ‘no space,’ Aerospring Gardens’ founders said ‘let’s grow greens anyway!’

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If you’ve ever read the success of Twitter’s story by Biz Stone, you’ll realize that it’s amazing what “constraint” can do for creativity. The constraint of a 140-character limit to every message you tweet, so to speak. And in Singapore’s case, the constraint of space! But necessity is indeed the mother of invention, and creativity can bloom in the face of concrete chaos—just like in the case of Aerospring Gardens.

While often referred to as “The Garden City” ­ Singapore is not necessarily a place one would expect to find such a large interest in urban farming. But while densely populated and hailed as one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, the city is home to many different kinds of urban agriculture projects. The “farm to table” movement and desire for locally sourced produce has fallen into good hands in a country full of entrepreneurs.

One such set of entrepreneurs, Thorben Linneberg and Nadine Keller, founders of Aerospring Gardens, have heard the call to action, presenting a solution to both the limited access to fresh local produce and the space necessary to grow it.

Image source: www.aerospringgardens.com

Image source: www.aerospringgardens.com

Grow Your Own Garden Even With Space Restrictions

The Aerospring Gardens system allows for anyone to grow herbs, vegetables, and greens, in their homes, with limited space. Whether you’re hunkering down in a HDB, or have limited garden space, Aerospring Gardens lets you work your green thumbs, and makes the impossible happen if you don’t have green thumbs!

“The only way to be assured of knowing exactly
where your food comes from is to grow your own!”

You could grow your own herbs, salads, vegetables and spices right on your balcony, terrace or sunny spot in your house; prepare a salad and make cucumber sandwiches all from produce harvested fresh from your own garden. The idea of “farm to table” is indeed highly appealing for expats who have had to leave homes teeming in greens and fresh produce for the skyscraper city of Singapore, and scour the surroundings for fresh organic produce.

aerospring gardens pole indoors

How Aerospring Gardens Springs Into Action!

The Aerospring is a hydroponic system, meaning it uses water, and not soil, and only requires about 1 square meter of floor space. The hexagonal tower allows for 27 planting sites on the standard 1.60m tall pole, giving urban farmers the capability to rotate crops and always have fresh European and Asian herbs and salad at the ready, all year round. A soil free system means no weeding, kneeling, bending or dirty hands and it’s easy enough to maintain and use without any prior gardening experience!

Whether you are looking to save a little money on your grocery bill or fulfill a New Year’s resolution to eat better, this hydroponic system is ideal for the urban habitat, regardless of your experience level in the garden. A simple maintenance schedule allows even the busiest of expats to cultivate up to 27 different types of plants on just one Aerospring Garden pole.

Watch Your Plants Do The Pole Dance!

Aerospring Gardens is a compact, automatic, self-watering vertical gardening system whereby plants are grown in individual pots, built into a vertical hollow column. The roots of the plants are suspended in air (airborne) within the column and water is fed up from a bucket reservoir through a threaded system of pipes, through the centre of the pole. Taking just 15 minutes of your time to unpack and assemble, all you have to do to get it up and running is:

  • Fill the reservoir with water
  • Connect the hexagons and pipes
  • Plug the water pump into an electrical outlet
  • Fill the Aerospring with seedlings (we usually start our first customers with live vegetable and herb seedlings so they can enjoy their harvest sooner)

Nutrient-rich water droplets periodically shower over the roots, evaporation from the water lowers the pole’s ambient temperatures and better oxygenation benefits the plants’ development and overall health. This allows for high-density planting and easy year-round harvesting. If you have room for more than one Aerospring Gardens, you’re on your way to cultivating your own terrace farm and enjoying all produce fresh, tasty and local!


What You Can Grow And How You’ll Be Supported From The Start

You can grow almost anything including tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, spinach, spring onions, jalapeños, chilis, spinach, arugula, lettuce and herbs (e.g., basil, oregano, thyme, dill, fennel, rosemary, parsley, coriander, etc.). It’s fun for the whole family and a wonderful way to introduce your children to the joys of gardening.

For starters, you can either buy a selection of young plants from us online or start growing your very own with the supplied seedling kit. No worries if none of your plants have lasted for more than a week in your hands, we’ll teach you how and show you it can be done with minimum supervision and plant devastation!

We’re preparing Growing Guides suited to the tropical weather in Singapore and the region for the most popular plants, veggies and herbs. Each Growing Guide will assist you in caring for your plant until harvest. Singapore’s climate is special, making it an ideal year-round cultivating ground for all sorts of crops.

“Everyone should grow a little of their own. Singapore’s high dependency on imported food, concern about provenance and quality of produce as well as cost were driving factors in developing a system that would allow busy city dwellers like us to have our own garden we could eat from daily.” ­
Thorben Linneberg, CEO

There’s no excuse not to enjoy all produce fresh, tasty and local now! The Aerospring Gardens system, which will soon be available in select retail outlets, is currently available for order via  www.aerospringgardens.com

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