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Asia: Where Every Day Is a Bad Hair Day for Expats? Amongst Other Beauty Frets!

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Those of us who were born in Western countries don’t truly appreciate our stroke of good fortune in terms of hair and beauty upkeep until we shift to warmer-climate countries like Singapore. All round tropical heat, scorching sun and high humidity, day after day. Never before has the sun been so unrelentingly brazen, and our armpits so plagued with more perspiration than its ever experienced before in its mostly cool, undisturbed past life!

Where once our curls behaved, possessed of a naturally shiny sheen and bounce; now all that’s left is frizz, split ends and unruly hair. Where once our skin didn’t complain so long as we kept it richly moisturized; now breakouts and heat rashes wreak havoc upon us. And where we could easily pop by our favorite neighborhood hairdresser to get our beautiful highlights done; now a trip to the salon could prove disastrous (as in, “Dull copper penny? Horror of horrors!”). Life change, indeed. One that you’d least expect could mess up your life so radically in your newly adopted city!


Team Expat has had their own fair share of hair and beauty woes amid unfamiliarly warm Asian climates, so we decided it was high time we tackled a most important topic… First up, know what you’re in for and prepare for the worst. Here’s some handy hair and beauty tips to practice when the heat is on, like, perpetually:

My Skin Condition Has Gone Down The Bin!

Frequent sweating in the sweltering heat outside can trigger irritating fungal infections like athlete’s foot, acne outbreaks, recurrent boils (folliculitis) and rashes. Oftentimes, such irritations are caused when our sweat glands go on overdrive and get clogged up or trapped, becoming an ideal breeding ground for bacteria formation. In times like these, try using talcum to prevent dampness and stay cool. Sprinkle evenly especially in hard-to-reach crevices!

Exposure to the extreme tropical sunlight also increases your chances of developing skin problems like rosacea or eczema, an inflammatory condition affecting the face, and in graver instances, skin-cancer. Women need to make sure they have their sunscreens ever ready. Select non-greasy, light-weight SPF lotions and apply evenly before heading out. But it’s SO humid, you say? All the more reason to stay hydrated and well moisturized. If you’re working in air-conditioned surroundings, your skin suffers hot-cold-hot onslaught and requires daily moisture protection.

What A Hairy Mess I’m In!

Yes, every international move takes A LOT of getting used to. But when you discover yourself a good hair stylist who can do right by your precious locks, the battle feels half won, doesn’t it? Most Westerners find it hard to adapt to Asian stylists who are not so attuned to Western-type hair. Curly, straight or semi-wavy; blonde bombshell, silver or red—your crown deserves special attention. Here’s some recommended hair and beauty salons for expats who want to look and feel fabulous, whenever, wherever.

Recommended Beauty and Hair Salons for Expats


Founded by expatriates who have each spent more than a decade living in Singapore and settled in Singapore with their families, Jaclyn Douglas and Katherine Moss saw a big gap in the market for salons that cater to an expatriate clientele and thus joined forces to bring quality Australian and British hairdressing to Singapore. What began as a niche little boutique grew into a much bigger hair studio in just under a year, and a passionate team of 16 staff members and stylists who all pride themselves in possessing an experienced touch for styling Caucasian hair. You’ll love their personal touch as well and genuine excitement to meet new clients.
  • Price Range: $85 minimum for a Ladies Cut & Blow Dry | to $220 for Fashion Colour | and $320 for a 165-minute Perm, amongst others. | Rebonding, Keratin Treatment, Root Tints, Ombre or Balayage and more available. Check out Expat Hair Studio’s price list.
  • Where: 422 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427642 (Parking at i12 Katong) | Contact No: +65 6444 7929
2. Expat Beauty RoomFor Facials and Beauty Care
Run by April who has 25 years of salon experience and a thorough knowledge of european-styled beauty therapy, you can expect more than just a facial with April who understands personal needs and can help you formulate a treatment plan to help improve your skin, reduce the effects of aging and treat specific skin conditions. Check out some of April’s glowing testimonials and you’ll see what we mean by professionalism, expert beauty care and knowledge. April owned and managed her own salon in Sydney before moving to Singapore to be with her husband and open up a local beauty salon, a gain for expats in the city island! Her services cover facials, beauty manicure and pedicures, eye brow treatments (including brow and lash tinting), waxing and pampering packages.
  • Price Range: Starting from $90 for a 45-minute Renew & Boost Facial | to $115 for a 60-minute Treatment of Sensitive Skin and Rosacea | and $150 for a 90-minute Powerful Facial Rejuvenation & Collagen Restoration, among many others! Check out Expat Beauty Room’s services here.
  • Where: Immanuel Beauty and Wellness, Forum Shopping Mall – Office Tower #08-03, 583 Orchard Rd, Singapore, 238884 | Contact: +65 9231 7008 | email:
If you’re looking for chic cuts, up-dos, serious highlights and more, Hair on Erksine is your place. The clean, contemporary studio was started by owner and principal stylist Andrew Leung. He and his passionate team have worked at world class salons in Hong Kong and London, managed a wide base of expatriate clientele, and handled glamour photo shoots for international fashion magazines as well. If you’re a first time customer, you’ll get a complimentary intensive protein hair treatment as well worth SGD60 as well if you make a booking for any colour services. Worth the try!
  • Price Range: Starting at $64 for men, $89 and $108 for women, respectively.
  • Where: 33 Erskine Road 01-08 Singapore 069333 | Contact: +65 6224 5156
A full-service salon with stylists experienced in all kinds of services, from color glossing to extensive Keratin repair treatments, hair styling, anti-frizz treatments, damage-free Brazilian blowouts, ladies make up, and bangs trim for only $10. If you’re looking for awesome highlights, Ben at Trimmings Loewen Gardens is your go-to stylist famed among expats for his golden touch.
  • Price Range: Starting from $95 for Hair Cut and Styling | to $60 and up for Keratin Repair Treatments | and $100 and up for Color Glossing
  • Where: Trimmings & Spa @ Loewen, 75 B Loewen Road Singapore 248852 | Contact: +65 6471 1922 or Trimmings & Spa @ Robertson Walk, 11 Unity Street #02-17 SIngapore 237995 | Contact: +65 6737 8512
Paul Hair Salon is a good choice for expats on a budget! A cozy Chinatown spot open every day of the week with friendly staff who has extensive experience doing blonde, red and ombre highlights.
  • Price Range: Starting from $30 for cuts to $180 for Highlights.
  • Where: 101 Upper Cross Street People’s Park Centre #02-26
Due to expanding demand for her services during a stint at Fox, American-trained Jesse Timm decided to set up her own salon in Singapore. She’s grown real popular among expats as one of the top go-to style and color experts for Caucasian hair, so you may have to get in line on a wait list if you wish to book an appointment with her! If you’re a cautious blonde needing work on your over-bleached damaged hair, Jesse is your go-to stylist. She has access to the best products from the US via her Stateside license and can bring back your hair glory days.
  • Price Range: Starting from $85 and up for a Director’s Haircut to $165 for Colouring | and $200 and up for funky Creative Colour, Balayage, Ombre or Punk Colours, among others.
  • Where: 33 Lowland Road, Unit H Singapore, 547429 | Contact: +65 8106 8099 | email:
They’re so good they even have an academy named after them! Toni&Guy Hairdressing was founded in London, UK five decades ago by the Mascolo brothers and the company has grown into a worldwide concept with over 430 salons and a select group of learning academies located around the globe. You can expect creatively unique hairdressing techniques, exceptional standards and a fab outcome with every salon visit.
  • Price Range: Starting from $70 for Stylist to $129 for the Director’s cut | and above $161 for Highlights and Colouring depending on the scope.
  • Where: Holland Village, 24B Lorong Mambong 277683 | Contact +656466 2660 | There are also salons located at the Marina Bay, East Coast, Mandarin Gallery, Novena, River Gallery, Rochester Mall and the Star. Exact locations here
If you’re an expat with a good head for more great hair and beauty finds, share your top salon picks in Singapore with us. Stay beautiful!

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