Boutique hotels Singapore

Boutique hotels that will make you fall in love with Singapore

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We all know that the cost of living in Singapore is among one of the highest in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all that the city has to offer. Whether you are there for business, have friends and family visiting or simply fancy a romantic night away, check out these beautiful boutique hotels that will make you fall in love with the city.



AMOY has something a little special that is quite difficult to replicate but they have managed to do it. Taking influence from Singapore’s past and mimicking the shophouse style of Singapore in the 1800’s, each room is a hark back to the past. The entrance to the hotel is actually a museum and inside, there are only 37 rooms. The staff will know your name and are extremely dedicated to providing one on one customer service that is exemplary. The location of the hotel is also a feather in it’s cap, as it Far East Square address means that it is surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shops, all full of the heritage that makes Singapore such a great city to visit. Consider AMOY’s staycation package, which also includes dinner, breakfast and a night’s stay in the Deluxe Double Room.


From S$194 per night.

Boutique hotels Singapore

Boutique hotels Singapore


Hotel Vagabond

This hotel has taken its inspiration from a Paris bordello, but it is still remains on the right side of chic. The hotel is quite artistic in it’s presentation, with life-size gold elephants dotted about and enormous rhinoceroses greeting guests. The elevator also has an interesting video art installation, adding a unique touch. The Salon of the hotel is famed for showing talented local artists, and their burgers are excellent. The rooms themselves continue the artistic theme, and contain photographs from the personal collection of the owner himself, Satinder Garcha.


From S$260


Klapsons Boutique Hotel

Each of the rooms at Klapson’s boutique hotel are designed entirely differently, and there are only 17 of them so you are guaranteed a real boutique experience. The rooms themselves are quite luxurious, with plenty of thick carpets and plenty of natural light. This hotel is best for couples, due to the fact that the shower cubicle is entirely transparent so bear this in mind if you plan to share with a friend or your kids. Effortlessly blending luxury and affordability, Klapson’s exemplifies boutique chic.


From S$224 per night

Wanderlust Hotel

Named after one of the most alluring words in the English language, Wanderlust is a hipster paradise. Each floor has a different theme, finishing with the fourth floor that has individually designed rooms. Retro chic, vintage, neon and monochrome clash in a mix of cool and quirky that makes for a great staycation. Even if find the clash of interior design styles a headache, the hotel itself is extremely comfortable and has excellent customer service.


From S$235

Boutique hotels Singapore

Boutique hotels Singapore


Naumi Hotel

Naumi is incredibly chic, and with rooms inspired by Coco Chanel and Andy Warhol, what do you expect? The five rooms inside this hotel are all beautifully designed however, with their own individual touches. The Patio is best for couples, as you can have access to the night sky of Singapore, the perfect touch to add a little romance. Whereas, if you prefer something a little more practical, the Habitat room has an extremely relaxing decor of earth tones.


From S$310


Have you stayed in any of these hotels? Where would you recommend to stay in Singapore? Please comment below with your suggestions.

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