The Expats Printable Moving Checklist: 9 Easy Steps For A Sane You [Infographic]

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For expats, relocating may be an exciting experience, but no one likes the process of moving homes, tedious as it is. How can you possibly sum up your life in a limited number of boxes and suitcases, within an equally limited deadline? The answer is: You plan.

According to the Moving Calendar below, you only need 9 steps over the course of 8 weeks to successfully complete your move abroad – 9! Of course, you can always speed up the process if you’re running short on time or have fewer items to take care of – the point of the schedule is to make your move as painless as possible! Quick tip: You might want to save or print the Moving Calendar out for easier reference.

My Moving Calendar #Infographic

Phew! Now go forth and start planning for your upcoming move abroad – if you require more help, feel free to contact our resident relocation experts or leave a comment below!

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