Expats: What’s Your International Flavour Profile? [Infographic]

Team Expat Lifestyle

One of the best things about different cultures is the exotic dishes that they bring to table. Spices used in Mexican cooking differ from the spices used in Indian cooking, which make each dish unique – and become a form of cultural identification. That’s why, tasting or eating can be as adventurous as traveling! And so many of us are hooked to cooking reality TV or food channels! MasterChef, Junior Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, bring it on… Cooking shows make us all want to be ‘chefs’ in our own right.

It gets even more exciting when it comes to recreating international flavour profiles at home. As an expat, it’s good to learn how to cook. That way, you’ll get to eat your favourite foods anytime you like – even when you’re hundreds of miles away from home. Below is a breakdown of 4 unique international flavour profiles, which you can now recreate in the comfort of your own home away from home.

International Flavor Profiles Tastes From Around the World #Infographic

Now you can tell the subtle differences between Northern Mexican food and Southern Mexican food, as well as Italian wines! What are your favourite flavour profiles/dishes? Share in the comments below!

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