everyday ways to integrate exercise into your daily life

Fantastic Ways to Integrate Exercise Into Your Daily Life

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In our next article, our resident health expert Catherine Rose Yates shares basic ways to integrate “exercise movements” seamlessly into your everyday routines.

Some of these steps may seem quite obvious, Catherine adds—but the need for many Singaporeans to start restructuring their lives for the sake of long-term health couldn’t be more urgent in this day of age of cubicle desk jobs, prolonged screen times, driving everywhere, and rampant domestic helpers!

It’s scary how inactive today’s urban generation is getting, so here’s little ‘baby-steps’ one can take to increase energy levels and get to a place where they are actively pursuing regular workouts!


Ditch the car (it’s better for the environment too), jump off the bus/MRT two stops early, and brisk-walk the rest of the way to work and back home. If it leaves you hot, sweaty and slightly out of breath, a 20-minute power walk will get you into fat burning mode. It is a great low impact metabolism raiser.


Insist on doing the housework! Vacuuming is great for pushing and pulling your upper body muscles into shape. Keep your stomach muscles taut and your knees bent so you’ll tone your shoulders, arms, upper-back area and chest. The faster you clean, the quicker your heart rate will be and the more calories you’ll burn off. Just don’t forget to swap your vacuuming arm!


Take the kids to the park. Kids instigate natural exercise and higher heart rates! ;) Chasing after them, pushing swings, and lifting them up and down from the climbing frames is fantastic toning exercise, even better than an aerobics class in fact. Cameron Diaz and J-Lo are big fans of recess training. If you don’t fancy that or aren’t parents, walk the dog instead! All the patting and poop scooping is great for your thighs.


A gleaming car says you’re on top of things, and makes you feel great! So, wax on and wax off yourself for a satisfying upper-body workout. Cleaning the car will tone your chest, shoulders and upper-arms—and save you the added trip to the car cleaners.


Make it your pledge, if not every day, to use the stairs instead of escalators and lifts! It’s great for achieving SJP-style pins! Carrying heavy bags or your laptop bag increases the load on your thighs, calves and butt (as well as tones your arms) and it’s great calorie-burning exercise.


The weekend’s finally here; it’s time to let your hair down and party the night away. Instead of heading to the pub, wine bar or restaurant, hit the club or bar with dance floors, and groove to DJ’s or live bands—whatever gets YOUR groove on. Shake the night away… along with a few hundred calories! While you’re at it, don’t consume the equivalent number back in booze as drinking excessively defeats the purpose! Swap wine, gin and tonic or cocktails for vodka, lime and soda, and try switching to a low carb beer such as ‘Pure Blonde’ and intersperse each alcoholic drink with the ever classic sky juice!


To feel energized at the end of a long week and motivate yourself for the coming week ahead, try out something new! Join a gym or health club, find out about local classes you could join (dancing, Zumba, martial arts, group fitness, etc.); check out the local sports hall or athletics track for details of events and clubs they run; or find out about local sports teams that offer training and coaching.

Here’s to a fitter, healthier you. Plus if you have any cool tips to share on integrating exercise into your daily life, do share them with our determined readers in the comment box below!

Photo Credit: Dave Meier | twitter.com/hiddendave

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