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The Five Best Book Stores In Singapore

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Singapore is one of the best cities in the world for book stores, from chains to independent stores that have their own quirks and hidden gems. Here is our countdown of the top five.


Times Bookstore

Starting from a small store inside Changi airport to being one of Singapore’s most recognizable brands, Times Bookstore is everywhere. They have recently begun to expand into Malaysia and can be found all over the city from Orchard to Raffles Boulevard. One of the best bookstores for academic books as well as fiction, Times has plenty of space to spread out and relax, with or without a book.



A bookstore which has spread throughout South East Asia, Kinokuniya is huge, offering books in a range of languages from English, Japanese, Mandarin, German and French. They also stock plenty of manga and imported magazines, from as far afield as Taiwan. If you are looking for something that is hard to find, then you can guarantee that Kinokuniya will have it or be able to find it for you.


Book stores Singapore

Book stores Singapore

Select Books

For buffs of South East Asian history and culture, then Select Books is for you. This bookstore stocks works about the region that so many of us call home and if you are trying to find out more about the area, then Select is a great place to start. They also stock some interesting books for  aficionados of the South East who may already be familiar with the history and culture, but want to learn more. Perfect for university students, they have a great range of recommended reading for those studying South East Asian Studies.


Books Actually

One of the best independent bookstores in Singapore, Books Actually showcases a wealth of home-grown Singaporean talent. They also have some interesting rare and unusual editions of books, so if you are looking for something to add to your collection, then Books Actually might have what you are looking for. Their stationery line is also beautiful, full of vintage postcards and letter writing equipment. The store is quite hipster and a little off the beaten track, but don’t let that put you off! They also host some cool literary events, so if you are looking to expand your social circle, you can’t go wrong here.


Woods In The Books

This bookstore, located just down the street from Books Actually, has a resident puppy, Mr. Scotti. If that wasn’t reason enough, then spending a couple of hours browsing children’s books might be. They mainly stock picture books for young children, but they have a lot of children’s classics like The Secret Garden and pop-up versions of some old favourites, like The Wizard of Oz. Whether you are looking for a present or simply want to revisit some childhood memories, then Woods in the Books should be your go-to when visiting bookstores in Singapore.


Where are your favorite book stores in Singapore? Comment below with your suggestions!

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