Singapore with children

Four Family Friendly Activities With Children In Singapore

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It may seem that Singapore is the place to go to do business. It has long been an expat haven, with plenty to entertain businessmen and women alike. However, there is also plenty to do if you find yourself in Singapore with your family. From theme parks to night safaris, Singapore has much to offer to children. Here is our list of the top four activities to do with your children in this megalopolis!


Singapore Zoo

Opening Times: 8.30-6pm daily

Price: S$33 for adults, S$22 for children

It seems like an obvious choice that a zoo offers plenty for children, but in this case, it really is the best place to start. The zoo is styled like a rainforest, with the animals living in recreated natural habitats. The zoo houses all the animals you may expect, like lions, elephants and zebras, but there are also some curiosities. For example, you can find white tigers, naked mole rats and pygmy hippos, which will delight your children with how utterly cute they are.

Navigating the zoo requires some planning as it is enormous and has over eleven zones. The areas which come highly recommended to spend the most time are the Primate Kingdom, the Reptile Garden and the Australasia zone. Of course, there are also daily performances with marine life and also an educational show about rainforest preservation. Both of which are geared towards children and offer high quality, fun yet informative entertainment.

If you have young children, they can visit Rainforest Kidzworld, which has a petting zoo and pony rides. For children aged between five and twelve, there is also the chance to try being a zookeeper. Here they can feed some of the smaller animals and also participate in grooming some of the tamer ones.

Singapore with children

Singapore with children


Night Safari

Opening times: 7.30 pm- 12am

Prices: S$33 for adults, S$22 for children

This is a first in Singapore, if not around the world as it is an attraction park only open at night. The safari houses nocturnal animals that normally, we would not get a chance to see. Some of the animals that you can see here Indian rhinos, pangolins and Asian elephants. The park is divided much like the zoo into different zones, which can be walked or seen from a tram. The beauty of the midnight safari is that the park is entirely open plan, with no real cages in sight. This is modelled on the same format as the Singapore Zoo, and aims to replicate the animals natural habitat as much as possible. Interestingly, the Night Safari also has performances throughout the year, which range from fire-eating to tribal dancing. These are a real delight and provide an insight into local culture that can sometimes be easy to miss.

Singapore with children

Singapore with children


Singapore Flyer

Times: 8.30am-10.30pm

Prices: S$33 for adults, S$21.00 for children

This has the awe inspiring claim of being the highest observation wheel in the world. Another amazing feat is that each one of it’s capsules is roughly the size of a bus and can hold more than twenty people. Whilst not exactly thrilling like a theme park, it is a great place to while away a couple of hours whilst enjoying the view over the city. The Singapore Flyer also has other activities which children can enjoy if the ride alone is not enough. Inside the mall at the base of the Flyer, there is an interactive Flight Experience where kids can practice being a pilot, with instructors. This is also a fun activity for slightly bigger children too. Also inside the mall is a multi-sensory motion simulator, which spins you through mountains and under the sea. Probably more tailored to older children, the Singapore Flyer is a fun experience and worth visiting at least once if only to marvel at its height.

Singapore with children

Singapore with children


Haw Par Villa

Opening times: 9am-7pm

Prices: Free

This park is a curious and slightly bizarre attraction park, based on Chinese mythology. The park actually tells the story of the 10 Courts of Hell in Chinese lore, and thus, the grounds are filled with extremely colorful if not slightly gruesome statues depicting scenes from Hell. However, luckily for smaller children, there are also scenes of other Chinese legends, which are not quite so vivid. The park is definitely unique, and the statues are at times jaw-dropping, with their use of color. To educate children on the more interesting parts of folklore and myth, it is a must-see and is certainly educational. Guides are on hand to inform guests about the displays, but there is a lot of fun to be had roaming the park and making up the stories yourself. However, be warned that there are no restaurants inside and of course, parental guidance is advised for some of the displays. However, for something unique and definitely out of the ordinary, Haw Par is the place to come!

Singapore with children

Singapore with children


Where are your favorite places to visit with children in Singapore? Comment below with your recommendations!

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