Get Your Kids to Practice Higher Order Thinking With Zap Zap Math

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It’s been labeled as the world’s first critical thinking mathematical mobile ecosystem, connecting little learners’ progress  with teachers and parents through a handy analytics performance reporting dashboard. Previously, Team Expat featured Zap Zap Math as an educational app you want your child to get hooked on—and the app continues to amaze us with its ability to progress with the times. According to its developers, the app has seen over 150k downloads and various positive users’ feedback to date, leading to the recently unveiled new and improved Zap Zap Math Version 2!
Curious to see how this new upgrade differs from the first, we decided to take it for a tap, tap! We’ve found that the sophomore version has been innovated according to the latest best practices in education; one that focuses on getting kids to engage Higher Order Thinking Skills (thereby referred to here as HOTS, for short) based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. For the uninitiated, HOTS is a concept of education reform based on learning taxonomies that involves learning complex critical skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

How Can Zap Zap Math Get My Kids to Engage in HOTS?

The aforementioned Bloom’s Taxonomy is a framework for skill-based learning that is divided into 6 categories: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate and Create. The taxonomy is particularly attractive for teaching and learning because it allows teachers and students to categorise different modes of thinking and establish objectives or learning goals to foster certain skills. For example, a remembering-type question could be “What are multiples of 4?” and an understanding-type question could be “How do you multiply by 4?”
By applying this method of learning to mathematics, Zap Zap Math provides your kids with a fun and accessible way to hone what they have learnt in school at home—we were certainly charmed by the colourful interface, quirky alien characters, and easy to understand language! The Zap Zap Math Universe requires players to help solve the problems involving the extra-terrestrial citizens, and the quicker you finish, the higher your score! The app has been revamped with the new “4 Progressive Skills” feature with the ultimate goal of getting kids to engage in HOTS:
TRAINING: Practice makes perfect. Kids can replay each level/game to increase their high scores on the leaderboard and retention of new concepts.
ACCURACY: Accuracy is key. Here, kids get to refine their understanding of concepts by answering as many related questions as they can correctly to progress to the next level.
SPEED: So your kids can solve any math problem you throw at them, but can they solve it in time? Speed games challenge players to questions accurately and beat the clock while they’re at it!
MISSION: Here’s where the real HOT fun starts: Zap Zap Math get kids to engage their HOTs with conceptually more creative math puzzles like building new spaceships, conducting new experiments, learning to steer their spacecrafts through the galaxy, etc.
Additionally, each math sub-topic comes with 4 skills with 3 different games per skill and 5 difficulty levels per game, with new games released every month, which keeps learning exciting!

Worried About Your Kids’ HOTS Progress? Track Them Via The Web Dashboard

The app further ensures that your kids are learning things the right way by giving parents and teachers the option to track their progress via the web dashboard! You would need to sign up first before you can access it, but our experience with the interface has been stellar: The Zap Zap Math dashboard shows you your kids’ performance in each game, the types of games they play and the number of times they replayed each game. That way, you can always stay on top of your kids’ progress without having to breath down their necks 24/7.

Additional Features You’ll Love

 Version 2 also comes with an all-new menu of content and a swipe feature: Games are now organised according to topic for quicker access, and users can now swipe left to view the new math topics! Last but not least, there’s an added language option on the top right pane of the main landing page—just tap the planet icon and you will get to choose between three languages (English, Spanish or Bahasa Malaysia). We appreciate this on Zap Zap Math’s part to make their app more user-friendly and hope to see more exciting things from them to come!
Zap Zap Math is available for download on the App Store and Google Play now. You can sign up on the Teacher/Parent Web Dashboard here and share Zap Zap Math with your friends to unlock a Premium Account with added benefits, FREE for 1 year!
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