A Guide to Cleaning Services And Domestic Service Agencies In Singapore

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Germaphobes and stay-at-home parent aside, there are not many people out there who fancy doing household chores. In addition, the average wage-earning expat professional is only entitled to 24 hours per day and would rather spend their after-hours kicking back to watch some television or spending quality time with their family, instead of rolling up their sleeves to clean!

In Singapore, many busy working expats opt for hiring domestic helpers, wether it’s for their home or office. There are a few options available to you, such as a full-time/live-in maid, a part-time maid, or a domestic service agency. Unless you require a lot of help around the house such as looking after your wife during her confinement and preparing meals for your family, there are plenty of benefits to engaging a part-time maid or cleaning service agency instead of a full-time one (and no, borrowing your friend’s or neighbour’s maid is actually illegal) such as:

  • They cost less than full-time maids
  • They don’t require further upkeep such as paying for a Visa, bringing them along with you on trips, paying for their accommodation and meals
  • Your privacy is assured if you live alone
  • You get to decide how frequent you’d want them to clean your place
  • It’s easier to dismiss or terminate their services and find another one if you’re not satisfied with their level of expertise

Sold on the idea of hiring maids and domestic service agencies but have no idea how to find them? For starters, here are 8 domestic service agencies in Singapore that you can explore, with pricing information included:

  1. MopSquad Cleaning Service

Pricing: Varies according to the cleaning services, usually based on the client’s needs and budget.

A cleaning professional service is committed to delivering only the highest level of professionalism as those enlisted in the army. The key attractions of MopSquad is its offer of fully-customised services and that after each job, a rigorous inspection is done by the supervisor-in-charge before the cleaning team leaves to ensure its quality. The services they provide include home cleaning, commercial cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning, stone and tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, and showroom maintenance.

  1. A-Team Amahs & Cleaners

Pricing: A one-off agency fee starting from SGD 288 onwards. Hourly rates are SGD 15 per hour on weekdays, SGD 17 per hour on weekends, public holidays and weekday nights.

A-Team Amahs & Cleaners have been rated Best Value by SimplyHer magazine, and comes highly rated by various customers as well. Aside from cleaning your home and other standard essentials, the domestic services agency offers the option for confinement nannies, babysitters, and pet-sitters.

  1. Part Time Maid Singapore

Pricing: Starts from SGD 388 per month (once a week for a total of 4 cleaning sessions).

One of the more popular domestic service agencies among Singaporeans, Part Time Maid Singapore suffers from the lack of a decent website, but not much else. They offer a variety of services ranging from spring cleaning, domestic help, carpet cleaning, and air-conditioning maintenance.

  1. Domestic One

Pricing: A one-off agency fee starting from SGD 208 onwards. Hourly rates are SGD 15 per hour on weekdays, SGD 16 per hour on weekends, and SGD 20 per hour on public holidays and weekday nights.

Domestic One is one of the best domestic service agencies around, having won the Successful Entrepreneur award in 2010 and was featured in The Sunday Times for its outstanding and excellent services. Their team comprises of experienced local cleaners and helpers who specialise in part-time maid services, ad-hoc cleaning, spring cleaning, pre-moving and post-renovation cleaning, office cleaning, babysitting, and confinement services.

  1. Homekeeper

Pricing: A one-off agency fee ranging from SGD 800 to SGD 1,200. Salaries vary depending on the maid and type of services rendered.

If you would rather have a live-in maid, you can try engaging one through Homekeeper. The agency has been in the industry for well over 19 years, with the aim of matching families up with the right maid and to ensure the quality of their domestic workers by providing them with the best training in babysitting, housekeeping and elderly care. Their maids are sourced from Indonesia, Philippines, and Myanmar.

  1. Sendhelper

Pricing: Flat rate of SGD 20 per hour.

Sendhelper is a mobile app you can use to hire a part-time cleaner. The app functions much like Uber, and is available for both Apple and Android devices. All you need to do is download the app, then send a request for a helper. The upside of using the app means you get to book a maid whenever you need, and a fixed fee will be charged to your credit card, eliminating the need for cash. However, being able to book a maid whenever you need also means that you are subject to a maid’s availability, which means you may not get the same maid who cleaned your place the last time, so if you’re wary of subjecting your home to the scrutiny of a few different maids, you may want to give this a miss.


Pricing: Flat rate of SGD 20 per hour.

Much like Sendhelper, is not a cleaning company or an agency, but a platform to find and book trusted cleaners, and all of their cleaners are legal, self-employed, and experienced cleaners. All you need to do is enter your details, desired timeslot, and service required, and will hook you up with the right person for the job.

  1. Eden Cleaners

Pricing: Flat rate pricing determined by your house—for a 4/5 Room HDB, prices start from SGD 80.

As a premium Singapore cleaning company, the prices charged by Eden Cleaners may be higher than most, but they come with the guarantee of experienced local cleaners and “staying even longer to finish cleaning if necessary”. The agency also offers a special After Hours service, where cleaners will be sent to your house to clean for three hours, covering all standard and essential services. This service is available every weeknight from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM, for SGD 85 per session or SGD 300 for a weekly package, which is great if you usually work late and want your house cleaned when you’re at home instead of having to leave your keys under the doormat.

9. Helpling

Pricing: Starts from $20 per hour

Helpling is the leading online marketplace for home services outside the U.S. On the website or via app, customers can book a vetted and insured cleaner and gain back free time within a couple of clicks. For cleaners, the innovative online service makes it easier than ever to access new clients and to manage when and where they want to work.

Did we miss anything? If you know of other domestic service agencies that come highly recommended, feel free to share it below for the benefit of our expat readers. If you’re about to move into Singapore and need advice on relocation services, connect with our experts here.

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