Haunted Singapore

Haunted Singapore: Where to visit the creepiest places in the city

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If the tropical temperatures are getting you down and no amount of poolside relaxation and cold showers are doing the trick, then why not take a trip to visit some of the most haunted places in Singapore?


The Yellow Tower at East Coast Park

An extremely popular place to visit in summer, East Coast Park has a rather incongruous yellow tower. Apparently the tower was the scene of a particularly brutal gang-rape of a young woman as she strolled around the park with her boyfriend. She was later murdered and her boyfriend left unconscious after a savage beating. The criminals were never found. Years later, many people have seen a lone female figure wandering near the tower, as well as hearing screams for help. Several ghost hunting groups have tried to communicate with the woman and some have allegedly succeeded.


Old Changi Hospital

What is it about abandoned hospitals that allows us to feel so scared? The hospital was originally occupied by the British before passing into Japanese hands during the occupation period before finishing with Commonwealth forces and the Singapore Air Force. Thanks to its reputation as a Japanese torture chamber, screams and shadows can be seen all over the hospital.

Haunted Singapore

Haunted Singapore


Brunei Hostel

Abandoned for 25 years, this hostel is the go-to for those looking for a paranormal encounter. The hostel was originally built to house students from Brunei who were in Singapore on a foreign study programme, before returning to their home country as qualified teachers. Nothing particularly gruesome happened here, but the building’s desolation has meant that many have heard strange noises and felt maleficent presences nearby.


Neo Tiew Estate

Currently being used as a training ground for the SAF as part of their Urban Warfare training, this estate is eerily similar to Chernobyl. There are some legends about the angry presence of the banana tree king, with many reporting to have seen banana tree spirits at night. There is also an urban legend about taxi drivers picking up a lady dressed in either red or white, who requests a trip to the nearest cemetery. Once they reach the destination, they find that the woman has disappeared. Perhaps it’s more the appearance than the reality, but there is no doubt that the estate is extremely creepy.



The stuff of legend in Singapore, the story of Tekong has recently been made into a horror movie. Used as an army barracks, the main story is of a young man who got separated from his unit during a hike. He was later found dead, with his insides laid out next to his body. Apparently beds in the barracks here shake for no reason and some people have even reported to have spoken with the ghost.



Bedok is the classic story of an abandoned town. The most common story is that of a woman who committed suicide with her son, after finding out that her husband had been having an affair. Her husband later moved into the house with his mistress, before marrying her and having a son. The boy often reported that he was bullied by his ‘older brother’ and furniture often moved in the middle of the night. Bedok is also the site of numerous suicides, from an abandoned hut on Kaki Bukit to Bedok reservoir. People jogging here have heard wailing and felt invisible forces pulling them towards the water.

Haunted Singapore

Haunted Singapore


Changi Beach Houses

It might seem like renting a beach house would be a good idea, but think again. People staying here have reported feeling a presence in the room with them, even when they have been alone. Doors have been heard to open and shut and some houses have reported hearing screams. Changi Beach where the houses are located was the scene of the  WWII massacre, Sook Ching, and many say that the ghosts of the victims still roam the beach today.


Coloured Houses

This is also the stuff of Singapore legend. There are three houses, one red, one green and one white. The green house has since been demolished, but the red is entirely abandoned and the white one has been off-limits for quite some time. The red house has had reports of a rocking armchair with a doll on it and lion statues that move as visitors enter. The white house has been the home of evil spirits for years and three workers died whilst trying to demolish the building. A lady with long white hair has been sitting next to the house, watching people enter but by the time they look again, she has vanished.

Haunted SIngapore

Haunted SIngapore


St. John’s Island

This is probably one of the creepiest places in Singapore but we know it now as one of the most relaxing getaways in the Sentosa archipelago. However, St. John’s has a rather murky history. During cholera  and leprosy outbreaks, the island was used as a quarantine station. The island was also a penal settlement. Later, during WWII, the site was used as a POW camp. There is a rumor that the Japanese played human chess with the POWs, beheading them on the spot. Apparently, screams can still be heard today.


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