Is This The “Hack” For The Art World You’ve Been Looking For?

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The art world can be very confusing, and tricky, and elusive. Some people know exactly what they like. They can tell you everything from time periods to artist names and even approximate costs of such artworks. Then there are those like me, who can barely remember the name of the gallery I was in last week.

So how exactly does one go about finding art? Well, you could visit a bunch of museums and galleries, websites and artist pages and the like, and keep lists of each piece, the category they may fall into, save pictures of everything, make spreadsheets full of contact info and prices… but golly gee is that a lot of work! Fun yes, but also time-consuming… and who has that much time?

Well, as they say, “there’s an app for that”.

“ARTO! A new art discovery app that uses smart recommendation technology to help the art enthusiast discover the art they love, while giving artists a platform to distribute and promote their art.”


Sort of Spotify meets Tinder meets Instagram meets Picasso 🙂 Since everyone likes to be on the cutting edge of technology and using the latest apps that will make whatever they want easier, more streamlined, or “hack” the system – this is something to add to your app collection as this is definitely a life hack when it comes to the art world 🙂

How it works:

ARTO Gallery quite simply learns the user and their taste in art, based on what they say they like or don’t like. You swipe right (like) or left (dislike) on the images as they pop up (yes like Tinder!), then the smart recommendation technology uses that info to help decide what else you may like and presents it to you. The liked images are saved in your personal gallery for later reference, you can share images via the social media share buttons, and since every image is tagged with the artist/gallery/museum info, you can contact them directly if you want more information on a certain art work, or even purchase it!


If you are an artist, ARTO gives you an excellent international platform on which to showcase your work, helps you get your pieces in front of the eyes of those who may like it, and connect with art lovers interested in your pieces.

Even if you are not in the market to buy art, ARTO is most certainly fun, educational, and a beautiful way to waste time after you have finished burning through your Instagram feed.

Download the app for free from Itunes (Android currently unavailable), or to learn more visit If you are an artist, gallery, or collector and want to promote and/or distribute your art, you can create an account at

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