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Job Hunting? Why Recruitment Agencies Are Your Best Bet.

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Why choose a recruitment agency?

If you are already based in Singapore and looking for work or simply fancy a change of employer, then your best bet is to approach a recruitment agency to smooth out the process. But how do you know which one to talk to? Why choose a recruitment agency? Quite simply, they will help you stand out from the crowd. Plus, many employers hire agencies to help them search for the right candidate. Much of the hiring process might be conducted through an agency. If your resume is in the pool, then your chances of being selected for interview are much higher. Moreover, the agency might take charge of the interview and selection process, so becoming acquainted with them might be in your best interests. Indeed, many agencies might help prepare candidates during the interview process and will often provide insider information about the company. Some might have positions that are not available for general applicants, and if you are registered with the agency, you will be able to apply for first.

Recruitment Singapore

Recruitment Singapore


Which agencies are the best?

For those who are looking for work in the construction, oil and gas sectors, 3C Synergy is one of the best. They normally hire blue and white collar workers, and are at the forefront of Singapore’s growing construction business. Aegis Recruitment has one of the best reputations for recruitment and they have a variety of different positions advertised. Moreover, they are also excellent go-betweens when negotiating terms with employers and potential employees. They also offer training options and advisory services for those who want to develop in their career. American Association Career Resource Centre  is dedicated to supporting expats with job support. They also have regular workshops, a job board and they also hold networking events where you can connect with other expats. For those looking at executive or board positions, Egon Zehnder is the agency that deals with management recruitment and leadership services. This is one of the more expensive agencies, but they provide support from the very beginning. Along the same lines is Spencer Stuart  who have offices in over 30 countries. They have connections with many international organisations, and they often recruit for managerial positions. They are also one of the best for helping candidates realise their potential and make a change in their career.


Which employment agencies have you used in Singapore? Which would you recommend? Comment below with your suggestions.

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