King Cobra and Python Battle It Out In Singapore

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Students on campus at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University were surprised to come across a close-up view of two large, venomenous snakes, just off the curb of a busy street on the university’s grounds.

Reported by Channel News Asia, the snake tussle lasted for half an hour, and students being the Internet savvy lot that they are—caught the entire scene on camera!

Which snake emerged victorious, in your opinion?  The king cobra or python? Take a look for yourself and see.

At first, the python seemed to have the upper hand, never letting go its tight grip of the cobra’s head. But half-way through the video clip shown, the cobra manages to escape to a nearby wooded area.

Not a comforting thought, isn’t it? Having a loose cobra wandering around in your backyard? But fear not, University pest control staff members took control of the situation and managed to bag the python unharmed. Hours later, Mr. Cobra was found lurking in a storm drain and also bagged. Happy ending indeed for Singapore’s residents, and our expat readers. J

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