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Money to spare? Singapore’s richest luxury neighbourhoods revealed.

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We all know that Singapore is one of the most expensive places to buy or rent property in the world. Daily living costs are also extremely high, and whilst the standard of living is excellent, many expats feel the financial pressure of simply living day to day in the city. Indeed, Singapore is home to an ultra-rich elite, with money that we can only imagine in our wildest fantasies. In fact, Singapore has more than 2000 multi-millionaires and is the fastest growing wealth hub in the world.  So if you fall into this bracket, or if you are simply curious about where the mega-rich settle, let’s take a look at some of Singapore’s richest luxury neighbourhoods.


Singapore Botanic Gardens

It might sounds like a strange place to live, but the enclave around Holland Village, Orchard Road and the Botanic Gardens is one of immense luxury. Here you can find GCB (Good Class Bungalows), which is loosely defined as bordering on stately mansion or heritage house. They are extremely beautiful and have plenty of space, including land. As we are well aware of, space is at a premium in Singapore, so if you want it, you can expect to pay for it. These GCB’s only have two stories and in fact, it is prohibited to build more. For this reason alone, you can expect more privacy and a slightly better view than your towerblock neighbours. Alas, only around 3000 of them exist and are extremely sought after. Expect to pay around $30 million, but it has been known that some especially extravagant homes can fetch well into the hundreds of millions.


Sentosa Cove

Even the name evokes luxury. The homes here have far more space than others of similar ilk in Singapore. They also have beachfront access and privacy in spades. Private swimming pools are the norm and you can even request space for your yacht. Interestingly, Sentosa Cove is the only place in Singapore where foreigners can buy property. Many of the residents are super wealthy Chinese immigrants, spending up to $40 million for a home. Never fear if buying is out of your budget, you can also rent for $25,000 per month.

Luxury Singapore

Luxury Singapore


Emerald Hill

Again, a name that makes you think of this the utmost luxury. Close to Orchard Road, Emerald Hill is a little slice of history in Singapore. The homes here are a cross between the GCB’s of the Botanics and luxury apartments. Many come with patios and gardens, but have the feel of townhouses. These houses also have significantly more charm than some of the new-build mansions and many retain period features. They are also slightly cheaper, coming in at around $3 million but often reaching into the tens of millions for those homes that have been recently renovated by famed interior designers.


Le Nouvel Ardmore

This is an extremely trendy block of designer apartments, where exclusivity reigns, with only 43 apartments in existence. The building has plenty of lush, tropical greenery and airy, open plan apartments with as much light as you can find on even the sunniest of days. Prices vary wildly, but the block became famous when the co-founder of Alibaba bought an apartment for $51 million. Others start at $18 million but this can quickly rise.


Luxury Singapore

Luxury Singapore

Hamilton Scotts

This is where luxury meets ostentatiousness, and even, dare we say it, tackiness. Here you can proudly display your cars in your living room as if they were art, inside a glass elevator. The penthouses are the deluxe of luxe and there are 52 other apartments in the block, each of them dripping with designer luxury and wealth. All of the apartments are currently taken, but they cost around $8.5 million to start.


Have you ever visited any of these homes? What do you think about the ultra-rich making their home in Singapore? Please comment below!

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