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Most Hospitable Expat Countries Worldwide, Mapped Out In A Neat Video!

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You’ve moved out of your own home country to make a living abroad and settle down in yonder pastures. By definition, this means you’re an expatriate. What sets an ‘expatriate’ apart from an ‘immigrant’ however is the former term ‘expat’ is more popularly used to describe the more affluent and Western-working immigrants.

Around the world, there are roughly 50 million expatriates (2013 estimated numbers), and the cross-border movement is growing as opportunities to travel and work abroad increases. So where do expats live and which countries are considered top favourite destinations for expats?

Most expats don’t realize how many options there are until they explore the possibility of relocating abroad. It’s similar to the act of purchasing the best car model: You don’t know how much temptation there is out there until you start researching your options!

Interestingly, Saudi Arabia hosts the most number of expats abroad while the largest overall number of immigrants hail from India. Singapore remains a seriously popular choice for expat relocation in Asia due to its minimal tax policies and high salaries. More than a quarter of expatriates were paid over $200,000 annually in 2014. Beyond financial security and moving up the corporate ladder, there are so many other factors that contribute to the expat’s final decision to relocate, including:

  • Quality of living
  • Happiness levels
  • Cost of living
  • Educational pursuits
  • Peaceful retirement
  • Business set up and/or expansion
  • Traveling spouse and/or family
  • Climate and health reasons

So what are the other best countries for expats worldwide and why? Watch the video to find out and do share your expatriate journeys with us from wherever you’ve found your spot in the world!

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