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Visiting a nutritionist in Singapore, is it worth the money?

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Visiting a nutritionist often seems like it could be redundant, unless you have serious issues with diet and eating. It almost seems overly indulgent. However, don’t let your presumptions cloud your judgement as visiting a nutritionist might well be worth your time and money.


Don’t confuse dietitian with nutritionist

This is a common misconception. Dietitians are trained to give nutritional therapy for people suffering from medical conditions. Nutritionists however give advice on diet for people who do not have any prior medical conditions. So, before booking an appointment with either professional, be sure what it is exactly you want to achieve. If it’s a question of losing a few pounds before bikini season, then a nutritionist might be your best port of call. However, if you suffer from obesity and want to make a serious change because of the impact on your health, then a dietitian might be best qualified to help you.


Be clear about your goals

Temporary fixes are not really what seeing a nutritionist is about. If you are more concerned with making a long term change for the better, then it is definitely worth booking a consultation. However, if you are seeking a crash diet before a work party, then you might be best looking elsewhere. Of course, nutritionists are going to recommend a balanced plan that may well include pizza and ice cream at times, which may come as a shock. Again, if you are looking for a quick fix or something a little less permanent,  you might be better buying the set of Dukan Diet books.

Nutritionist Singapore

Nutritionist Singapore


Is visiting a nutritionist really about losing weight?

It may well be, but it is also a good idea if you are trying to improve your general health. You may be feeling tired more frequently, suffering from stress, or have problems with your skin and hair. Nutritionists can help you with this by implementing changes in your diet to help you look and feel your best. You may find that you do lose weight at first, but if your end goal is to have more energy, then do not be surprised if this soon stops. Again, be clear about your priorities and the results that you want to see.

Nutritionist Singapore

Nutritionist Singapore


Is it worth it if I can get all my information from the internet?

In our modern age, we can find anything online, much to our detriment sometimes. Self-diagnosing means that you can often end up with more problems than you bargained for. First of all, a nutritionist should be able to help you without any ulterior motives which the internet oftens fails in. You should not be forced to buy any miracle cures or pricey supplements that have no medical research attached to them. Most importantly of all, the information that they give you will be correct. They will also be able to tailor their advice exactly to your personal needs. The internet doesn’t know you, so it can’t be subjective. If you are lacking energy, a myriad of health websites will recommend more vegetables, but for those with an intolerance, this can bring more problems than solutions.


Have you visited a nutritionist in Singapore? Would you recommend it? Comment below with your stories!

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