Car rental SIngapore

Renting a car in Singapore. Are you getting it wrong?

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You’ve made your move to Singapore, settled in and have started on this new phase of your professional and/or professional life. You’re beginning to think about travelling further afield and making the most of being so close to some amazing locations. You might even need a car for work purposes. For whatever reason,  renting a car seems like a logical choice, but how do you go about getting the most out of your lease agreement? It can be a minefield, least of all in a foreign country. Let’s take a look at how to simplify the process.


Consider your needs

First of all, you should plan out the specifics. This should be:

  • How long will I need the car for?
  • How many people will be using the car?
  • How often will you be using it?
  • What will you be using the car for?
  • What’s the budget?

The last one might seem like the most important, but before deciding on your price threshold, it pays to consider your needs, either now or in the future.


Choosing a plan

If you are only staying in Singapore for the short term, then you might consider choosing a more flexible option. You can actually rent cars monthly, and is offered by companies such as Avis under their Flex programme. Not many expats know about this option and often think that rentals are far more restricted. Not so. You can easily work around your stay duration and still find a great deal. If you are staying for longer than a year, it makes sense to shop around to see what your options are. You might decide to go for a brand new car or something a little more worn, but whatever your choice, this is where planning comes in handy…

Car rental SIngapore

Car rental SIngapore


Negotiating your lease agreement

There are some important factors to consider when researching and then negotiating your rental lease. Think about:

  • Are road tax, insurance, servicing and maintenance all included in the price?
  • What excesses might you be liable for?
  • How does the lease compare to the rental agreement offered by the same company? Which one is better value and which one suits you more?
  • Do you have any breakdown assistance included?
  • Are there any restrictions on where you can take the car. Out of Singapore, for example?
  • Are there any mileage restrictions?


What type of car?

This is really the question that often leads expats down the wrong path. Choosing something speedy might not be the best for family weekends out of the city. Similarly, an SUV might not be your best choice if you are only driving to and from work. Consider something fuel-efficient if your vehicle is only going to be a run-around. If you are looking for a family car, then an SUV would be a great place to start.


How much to spend?

This is often the most difficult conversation to have with the car rental company. It is worth taking the time to shop around, as some rental companies offer cars based on your payment preferences. Looking for premium packages means that you can often find something tailor made but there are also more economic options that allow you to lease a car without any extra luxuries. Rental companies in Singapore often offer business packages if you are taking regular business trips, so bear it in mind when looking for companies.


What other tips and advice would you offer for someone renting a car in a foreign country?Comment below with your suggestions!

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