A Shocking Truth: Why Culture Shock Can Be Good For Expats [Infographic]

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Expats are no strangers to experiencing culture shock. At its most basic, culture shock is the sensation a person feels when he/she encounters a foreign way of life different from one’s own. However, there are many different factors that can contribute to culture shock. As a result, many expats who are crippled by it do not recognize what is bothering them, and therefore unable to obtain the appropriate solution to address their situation.

So does this mean that you shouldn’t relocate? Of course not!

First of all, it’s important to remember that culture shock is a form of stress – therefore, it’s important to turn it into eustress, as opposed to distress. As an expat, it’s tempting to keep to yourself until it’s time to return to your own country rather than adapt or assimilate, but why did you accept the transfer in the first place then? If you moved because of better opportunities, why not take the opportunity to expose yourself to new cultures and ways of seeing the world?

*Eustress refers to a positive response one has to a stressor, which can depend on one’s current feelings of control, desirability, location, and timing of the stressor.

Below is an infographic that breaks down culture shock and its many benefits:

Why Culture Shock is Good for You #infographic

Now that you know there’s nothing to fear about culture shock, are you looking forward to your move? If you have any questions, feel free to contact our resident relocation experts or leave a comment below!

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