Kids classes Singapore

The 9 best enrichment classes for kids in Singapore

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With the summer holidays upon us and parents everywhere rushing to the internet to find the best options for childcare, summer schools and activities, it can seem like it’s all designed just to empty pockets. However, fear not as there are some excellent classes out there, which aim to educate, enrich and most of all, encourage your kids to have fun. And they won’t break the bank. Let’s take a look at some of the best in Singapore.


Ready Steady Go Kids

Based in Australia, this is a multi-sport and exercise programme designed to offer sport and fitness for pre-schoolers. The environment is non-competitive and with a strong emphasis on play, whilst incorporating the fundamentals of different sports. Contact them directly for class fees and remember that the age range is limited to 2-6 years.


Cheng Ballet

Not limited to girls, Cheng Ballet also offers classes for boys where they learn the basics of ballet in a fun and stimulating environment. Surrounded with music and a relaxed atmosphere, students will be introduced to co-ordination, stretching and rhythm. Classes start from 3 years of age.

Kids classes Singapore

Kids classes Singapore


Happy Fish Swim School

Teaching children how to swim and be confident in the water, Happy Fish offers a series of classes with professional swim teachers. Classes are either in groups or one-to-one, but bear in mind that the group classes focus on fun and games whilst improving swimming skills, so if you want your child to make friends and have fun, the group classes might be a better option. Classes start from 4 months to 12 years old, and prices start from S$160 per month for four classes.


Twinkle Stars Learning Centre

If your concern is to focus more on learning than sport, Twinkle Stars may be the option for you. Twinkle Stars offers a variety of classes for helping children to learn Mandarin, from beginner to the bilingual programme. They also offer exam preparation classes. Your child does not have to be of Mandarin origin and can be a total beginner. Class intake starts from 2 years old.


JR Muay Thai

Good fun and learning combine in muay thai, one of the world’s most popular martial arts. Children are taught discipline, focus, and mental as well as physical strength. These classes are a great option if you are concerned about self-defense in the future, alongside building friendships and teamwork skills. Classes are open from 12 years and below, and cost S$100 for 4 sessions.


Clay Cove

Much like the name suggests, Clay Cove offers pottery classes for youngsters, with the aim of promoting creative development. Kids are taught the whole process from beginning to end, focusing on shape, form and proportion whilst creating something that they can take home at the end of the day. Classes start from 3-14 years old and cost from S$135 to S$220, depending on the class and level.


Math Monkey

Maths can be extremely difficult for kids, so whether your child needs some extra help or you want to build on their skills, Math Monkey has a programme for you. Skills are taught to help solve problems, apply formulas and to understand the relationship between numbers. Classes start from 3 years old, and all classes are named after monkeys, such as the Gorilla Troop and the Orang Utan Troop.


Cristofori Music

Their programme, Music for Little Mozarts, helps to develop your child’s musical skills as well as their confidence, performance skills and creativity. Classes start from 3-5 years old and cost S$999 for 40 lessons. This includes the loan of a piano, lesson materials and the registration fee. Kids also receive a goodie bag.


Da Little Arts School

If you want your child to develop their artistic skills in a nurturing environment, then Da Arts has something for you. Book Explorers introduces younger children to storytelling through artwork, Little Crafters allows children from 4-6 years old to expand artistic abilities and to use their imagination, whilst Master Artist from 7 years old encourages the introduction of more advanced artistic skills. Prices start from S$401.25 for the first term of 10 weeks and this includes all registration and materials.

Kids classes Singapore

Kids classes Singapore


Are there any kiddy classes in Singapore that you recommend? Comment below with your suggestions!

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