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The best high speed internet plans in Singapore

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Singapore has the benefit of fast internet at very reasonable prices. Many plans start at just S$39 per month and offer a myriad of services. Let’s take a look at some of the best.



Price: $39.90 per month

Installation fee: $56.71


The advantage of this plan is that you receive super fast broadband and you will also get $30 back upon completion of your contract. Your contract includes:

  1. Free 12 months of HomeInsured – a home contents insurance plan
  2. Free 6 months subscription of JuniorProtect Basic – a parental control tool (normally $2.68 per month)
  3. $30 bill rebate

This is ideal if you are concerned about what sites your children are accessing when they are using the computer. The JuniorProtect is especially useful and it comes as part of the package.

Internet SIngapore

Internet SIngapore


Price: $39.00

Installation fee: $56.71


  • $40 NTUC vouchers


Whilst they may not have much to offer in the way of incentives, the price per month for this contract is so low that you would be forgiven for heading straight down to your nearest WhizComms retailer.



Price: $39.00

Installation fee: $58.85

Free 24 months 4G Mobile Broadband – 500 Mbps per month

  1. Free Home Fixed Voice Service
  2. Free 3 months subscription to Internet Security (normally $3.75 per month)

This service is extremely popular with businesses, due to it’s reliability. You can also combine the plan with your mobile data service.


My Republic

Price: $49.99

Installation fee: $58


  • Free 2 month subscription for 11th and 12th months


  1. Free Home Voice

My Republic has a great reputation for those who largely use the internet for streaming videos and playing games. Their speeds are fast and they rarely have downtime. Popular as an alternative to the major players, My Republic have a lot to offer for stay at home professionals.


Price: $49.90

Installation fee: $56.71


  • Free 3 months Freedom DNS (normally $10.70 per month)


This contract offers a VPN service which lets you stream content from Netflix, YouTube and other sites that restrict content based on geographical location. You don’t have to do anything, like change your location as with a normal VPN so it is incredibly easy to use and extremely popular with expats.



Price: $59.90

Installation fee: $56.71


  • Free Home Digital Line
  • Free 24 months 500Mbps 4G Mobile Broadband  – 500 Mbps per month
  • 10% off one mobile line subscription


The best part of this contract is that you receive a discount on your mobile line too. The discount might be not be huge but it may be enough to sway your opinion.


As you can see, prices are low and extremely competitive. If you consider that StarHub also gives a bill rebate, it is easy to pick out a winner. However, there is still more to consider aside from the price.


Normally, each company will offer you a router free as part of your contract or if you have to buy, it will be at a substantial discount. If you want to keep the router once your contract has finished, you might want to consider buying one, with prices starting at $49.


What plan are you using for internet in Singapore? Comment below with your suggestions!

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