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The Five Best Boot Camps In Singapore

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With summer just around the corner, you may be starting to feel the pressure of having your beach body ready. Or you may simply want to kick start your energy ready for the longer days and balmy nights. Luckily, there are plenty of boot camps in Singapore that will liven up your exercise regime and we have selected the best five. With fitness being this fun, there is no excuse not to join in!


UFIT Urban Fitness

UFIT has been a favorite of The Expat for quite some time. They have really cornered the market in Singapore, thanks to the fact that they run sessions all over the city and they run them every day. This is particularly handy if you cannot commit to a fixed schedule. The sessions take place outside so you can enjoy some green spaces, as well as getting fit. You can choose from Singapore Botanic Gardens, Fort Canning, Holland Village, MacRitchie, Evans Road and Marina Bay. All levels welcome and the trainers come from a mix of backgrounds with individual specialties, so you can guarantee to find something for you.


Better Bodies Boot Camp

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Better Bodies has the goal to get you a better body in just six weeks. The objectives are definite and the trainers will push you extremely hard to get there. So, expect a boot camp in the most traditional sense of the word. Again, the sessions take place outdoors in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, although they do have sessions at the National University of Singapore. Double check before booking what sessions are running, as the training gets harder each week. Starting at the end might not be quite what you were expecting, in time nor in results.

Boot Camp Singapore

Boot Camp Singapore


Bloom’n Fit

Bloom’N Fit is geared towards motivating and energising their clients, and they put an emphasis on the feel good factor. They also provide advice on eating habits and general health, so if you feel that you have been neglecting yourself, Bloom’n Fit can get you back on track. They run classes for women only, as well as mixed groups, from beginner to advanced. They are also family-friendly, allowing you to bring along your babies and children. This is great if you have a young family and want to expand your social circle, as well as getting fitter.

Boot Camp Singapore

Boot Camp Singapore



FuelFit is a great option if you want to see hard results over a period of time. They are known for putting a real emphasis on tracking each participant, and the trainers are specialised in certain areas of fitness, from weightlifting to endurance racing. They will give you a thorough consultation before you begin, and are extremely accurate in judging your fitness level. Then, your progress will be assessed every single month from there on out. You can choose from equipment-based training or time-based training, working with partners. This is a really good option if you want to bring your partner or a friend along.


Munster Bootcamp

Not quite as scary as the name would suggest. This is a great choice for people who want to work out with friends or their partner. You can even select group training for you and your bridesmaids, if you are about to tie the knot. The group and couples training takes place over seven consecutive days, so expect to work hard, without a break. The focus is on interval training, so you can expect to see some visible results. They also provide some quite detailed nutritional advice, so you can make changes to your diet. They have locations all over the city, from Surangoom Stadium, Jurong West Stadium, Choa Chu Kang stadium and Yishun.


Where do you like to work out? Comment below with your exercise inspiration!

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