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The Hottest Fashion Designers In Singapore Right Now

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The fashion scene in Singapore may not be as jumping as that of Tokyo or Seoul, but there is certainly enough to keep fashionistas satisfied. Singapore has a great selection of home-grown talent and emerging brands that are worth buying into now. Here’s a look at some of the best.


State Property

This jewellery label has recently expanded into Indonesia and they have some great statement pieces that are sure to add some extra to your wardrobe. They have fully embraced the minimalist trend in jewellery that has been around for a while, but this is being gradually phased out for some big and bold. They also have the finger on the pulse of vintage inspired style, so expect reimaginings of the old classics. Interestingly, each piece has its own backstory, so buying here is like opening a storybook too. They have a great range of limited edition, bridal jewellery and they are planning a brand new autumn/winter collection.

Singapore Designers

Singapore Designers


In Good Company

Another brand that has recently expanded into Indonesia as well as Thailand is In Good Company, a clothing and accessories brand that has recently added a menswear line to it’s collection. They release three capsule collections per year, with a focus on silhouettes and lines, and their accessories lean heavily towards geometric designs. If you like the masculine look with sharp lines and draped fabric, then you will love their latest capsule collection. With a focus on understated style, do not expect logos and graphics, but rather quiet, unassuming style.


Ling Wu

Beautifully soft leather bags are the piece de resistance of Ling Wu. The leathers are ethically sourced and taken from sustainable resources from all over the world. No need to panic if it rains and your bag takes a beating. They are designed to gently age with the elements, becoming the perfect vintage piece in time. The most recent designs will include bags from vegetable leather combined with artisanal wood carvings from Vietnam. Their modus operandi is to avoid trends and to create comfortable pieces that stand the test of time.



This accessories label offers the perfect gift. Why and what, you may ask? Well, this accessories label has an excellent selection of belts, bags, hats and far more. The real plus is that everything is unisex. Each piece is made in-house from a team of dedicated leather makers who fashion each piece by hand. Therefore, not one piece is the same. Their new collection is called Sixth Sense, evoking inspiration from that elusive extra sense we are all said to possess. More than just a brand, they hope to invoke a lifestyle movement, where form and function trump all.



Located in Chinatown, Inventory is the brainchild of sisters Olivia and Amanda Lin. This unisex label is entirely made to measure and each piece is made according to the customers’ exact measurements. Their style errs on the side of utilitarianism, with shirts and shirt dresses being their staple. They also frequently collaborate with artists and musicians, creating functional, everyday items that fit your body perfectly.


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