Hair Salons Singapore

The Top Hair Salons In Singapore

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For many expat women, finding a hair salon for their particular style can be a tricky endeavor in Singapore. Many complain that hair salons have no idea how to handle Western hair and they end up out of pocket and out of hair. So, here at The Expat, we have shortlisted the top five hair salons in Singapore where you can be certain you will walk out twice as gorgeous as when you walked in.


Toni And Guy

Toni And Guy are well known in Europe for modern hair-cutting at affordable prices. They are also well-versed in treating Western as well as Asian hair, with an extensive online gallery where you can browse styles before choosing. You can also opt for a consultation with one of the stylists before having your hair cut. This is highly recommended if you are going to drastically change your style, but is worth it just to highlight any particular requirements you may need. The real draw is that Toni And Guy have locations all over Singapore, seven of them in fact, so you can be sure that there is one near you.


Zinc Korean Hair

The Korean skincare and hair trend has not lost any momentum in Asia and seems to gain in strength year by year. There are now several salons dedicated to caring for Korean hair, as well as styling non-Korean hair the Korean way. Sounds exhausting, right? It really isn’t. It’s a great experience in and of itself, and if you decide to take the plunge and opt for the Korean perm, you will end up feeling like you’ve just stepped out of a cinema screen. The stylists here speak fluent English and have over 20 years experience styling all sorts of hair and so will be able to help transform you into a goddess with just a flick of their fingers and some hair serum. If that hasn’t swayed your decision, then the blankets, cushions, magazines and unlimited wifi there just might.

Hair Salons Singapore

Hair Salons Singapore


Hair Inc

Living in a big city can mean that hair becomes damaged and unruly, and ultimately, you wind up looking as frazzled as your hair feels. Fear not, Hair Inc has everything that you could possibly need. They are renowned specialists in the treatment of damaged hair and the results are the proof of the pudding. They are also quite big on the hair coloring scene, so if you are thinking of a change, then you can be sure the guys at Hair Inc will be able to cater to your preferences. The icing on the cake is that Hair Inc regularly run deals, so you can find an offer that might be just what you need without breaking the bank.



This salon is erring on the hip side, making a name for itself as one of the best Japanese hair salons in Singapore, but it’s well worth the hype. They also specialise in damage control, with plenty of treatments to make even the most stressed head shine. Speaking of stress, they also have a fantastic spa, specialising in head massages. You can combine this with a hair treatment, as well as a cut, so you will leave feeling replenished and rejuvenated.

Hair Salons Singapore

Hair Salons Singapore


Urban Hair Ginrich Aveda

For hair treatments and hair cuts that go beyond the average, Urban Hair is an institution. Their hair stylists are among the best in the business, and they use top notch Aveda products. Aveda is an organic, eco-friendly hair care range that beauty editors swear by to keep their hair in top condition. Each session in Urban Hair is started with an aromatherapy taster and finished by a hot towel massage.


What hair salons do you recommend in Singapore? Comment below with your suggestions!

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