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TINY IS IN: 10 Singapore Homes That’ll Make You Want a HDB Flat Of Your Own!

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An island with a fast-growing metropolitan population, Singapore can’t grow sideways (horizontally) any more—so it has to grow upwards (vertically). Singaporeans understand this situation, and they’ve adapted pretty well to the limited space constraints in remarkable ways indeed, as evidenced in some of the following featured stylishly small HDB flats.

As of 2014, there are over 1 million flats in Singapore, and they seem to be shrinking as well! Find below the statistics, of which most shrinkage seems to be occurring in the kitchen department!

  • 1980s built HDB 5-room flat = about 123 sqm
  • 1990s built HDB 5-room flat = about 120 sqm
  • 2000s built HDB 5-room flat – about 110 sqm

Despite the shrinking space however, Singaporeans are getting creative with the little they have, as first highlighted in an article by TheSmartLocal. Scroll down to see just how creative…

1. Studio Style Apartment

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Source: 8Ainthekitchen | Interior Design byArtistroom Pte ltd

Chic, sturdy, brick walled and clean, the studio style may seem lean but it sure is sweet! And low maintenance to boot.

2. Home of The Minimalist

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Source: Home & Decor | Interior Design byBox.ID Studio

If you like things kept simple, this is the way to go. This minimalist design is enhanced by the uneven-toned cement screed floor—which gives the place an edgy, earthy feel.

3. Swedish Style Home

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HDB pic 3 part 2

Source: Home & Decor | Interior Design by: Fuse Concept Pte Ltd

The Swedes are to blame for our crazy obsession with all things IKEA. Anyhow, in this Swedish Style Home, coloured flooring is used to demarcate the spaces, not walls. Water pipes aren’t hidden, but in fact celebrated. And check out that quirky divider of a bookshelf!

4. Open Dining Concept

HDB pic 4

Source: SGLivingPod | Interior Design by: Projectfile

When kitchens start to shrink, Open Dining becomes more ‘in’! This concept creates an airy and carefree feel, making your home seem bigger than it really is, plus merging get-togethers in the living room with our most favourite act of eating.

5. Embellished Art Walls

HDB pic 5

Source: JQ Ong | Interior Design by: JQ Ong

Who says your walls should be wallflowers or simply background props? Jazz it up with your own personalised touches—and make it pop!

6. Modern Minimalist-Industrialist

HDB pic 6

HDB pic 6 part 2

Interior Design by: Icon Interior Design Pte Ltd 

Simple, cozy and modern design for the young and upwardly mobile.

7. Monochrome Home

HDB pic 7

Source: Home & Decor | Interior Design by: Space Sense Studio Pte Ltd

There’s nothing more boldly simple and elegant than lining your home with monochrome!

8. Open Concept

HDB pic 8

Source: Home & Decor | Interior Design by: Artistroom

The living area in this unique home was replaced by the kitchen, giving it an airy, breezy feel and complimentary natural lighting.

9. Continuous Console

HDB pic 9

Source: Home & Decor | Interior Design by: Artistroom

More and more people are hacking walls to make a continuous console. You can create open living areas and bedrooms—and even customize your main door design to suit your liking.

10. Café Inspired Home

HDB pic 10

Source: Home & Decor

Hop no more from one café to another, and hog your own cozy café of a home! Quaint, cool and inspiring, you’ll love waking up to this café inspired home every day.

Are you the owner of a HDB home who would love to contribute some big creative thoughts for reinventing small space? Share your humble abode stories with our expat readers in the comment box below!

Original Source of Article: TheSmartLocal – http://thesmartlocal.com/read/15-beautiful-hdb-flats

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