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Want to give back? Try these volunteer opportunities in Singapore

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Whether you have moved to Singapore for work purposes or because your partner has relocated, you might find that you have some spare time and want to give back to the community. Here we have compiled a list of some of the many volunteer organisations in Singapore that are looking for volunteers.


The Special People

The Special People centre is an organisation dedicated to helping those with autism with educational support and training. Volunteers should have good English skills, as well as being able to communicate effectively with others. Main roles include supervising classes alongside the teacher and assisting with tasks in the classroom. Special People ask for at least two hours on a set day, but have no other restrictions for volunteers.


Boys’ Town

More infamous in recent years than famous, Boys’ Town has significant influence in the foster community in Singapore and has largely managed to avoid some of the accusations that have dogged it’s counterpart in Europe and the United States. They provide residential services, outreach, fostering and school-based programmes for children and families in need. Whilst fostering is certainly an avenue that many expats go down, if you are not ready or able to make that kind of commitment, Boys’ Town often looks for people to assist in pick-ups, drop-offs, buddy programmes and tutoring.


Shan You

Shan You is a counselling centre that provides social services for those in need. Shan You provide meal services from their kitchen Willing Hearts and the majority of volunteers needed are for helping with food collection. This is then delivered to vulnerable members of society, including the elderly and disabled. Time commitment is usually once per week, in the mornings.

Volunteering Singapore

Volunteering Singapore


National Kidney Foundation

The NKF are the largest organisation in Singapore that deals with kidney transplants, dialysis and donors. They run a programme called Grains of Hope which delivers food and supplies to patients once every two months. Volunteers are also expected to take on the role of a buddy during their deliveries, providing emotional support to patients on their rounds. Alternatively, the Circle of Hearts programme also provides a support to patients who want to learn a new hobby or skill. The resources for this largely come from volunteers, so if you have a passion, it might be worth considering sharing this with patients.

Cycling Without Age

A truly charming charity who focus on taking out elderly people on specially designed trishaws to see the city and feel part of a community. All of the ‘guides’ are volunteers, but they also need people to help with administrative tasks. This may involved helping to organise events, schedules and other basic admin work. Volunteering times span from 8 hours per week to just a couple of times per month. Cycling Without Age is a relatively young start-up charity so if you want to feel part of something special that is continually growing, it is worth enquiring about the possibility of offering your services.


South Central Community Service Centre

Working with families from low income families over Singapore, the centre regularly looks for conversational English teachers to volunteer to help mothers who don’t speak English. Families mainly come from Indonesia, China, Myanmar and Cambodia, so they often need significant support in setting up their new lives in Singapore. Focusing on building kinship among immigrant families, volunteering here is a great opportunity to know new cultures and make new friends, as well as helping out in a practical way.

Volunteering Singapore

Volunteering Singapore


Singapore Red Cross

An international institution, the Red Cross runs a year-round volunteer recruitment process. From helping out in their thrift stores to admin work, the Red Cross has plenty of opportunities for volunteers. They also run first aid programmes, as well as other training courses which are extremely practical.


Do you volunteer in Singapore? Are there any organisations you can recommend? Comment below with your experiences!

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