Singapore Best Asian City

Why Is Singapore The Best Asian City To Live In For Expats

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Singapore has topped the charts again for being the city with the highest quality of living standards throughout Asia. Whilst European cities came first globally, Singapore is number one in Asia for expat living. So what exactly does Singapore have to offer?


The polls

The particular survey which placed Singapore as the best city in Asia to live in had several factors that respondees had to take into account. Among these categories were education, political environment, the economy, the cultural landscape, and infrastructure. This could include the public transport system, supply of utilities like water and electricity, availability of medical care and pollution. Singapore scored top marks in all criteria and emerged as number one in the whole of the Asian continent. But for those of us who are perhaps considering a move there, what does Singapore have that it’s neighbours don’t?


The enduring appeal of Singapore

Singapore’s history is remarkable. From it’s modern-day birth, the economy was likened to that of a Third-World country with poor prospects for growth. However, in the timespan of just one generation, Singapore has shot into the big leagues, rivalling most typical First World countries in terms of living standards. Generally speaking, Singapore is so delightful to live in, due to it’s ease and convenience. The public transport system works well, sanitation is first class and expats can enjoy the same quality of life that they may have had back home. The city’s well developed infrastructure has prompted many businesses to encourage staff to relocate to the city and for good reason. Singapore has many unique selling points that can benefit expats who move here exponentially.


The transport system

First and foremost, Singapore’s transport system is one of the best in the world. The airport is frequently voted top of the list, thanks to the availability of flights and the services the airport provides. It is not often that you can walk through a nature trail, go swimming outdoors or recline in a cinema at an airport. However, in Singapore you can. Trains are always on time and there is no need to worry about delays. Taxis are cheap and readily available. There’s no need to wait around or leave early to try to catch a cab. You can guarantee there will be one waiting. The whole transport system is geared towards traveller convenience and it shows.


Socio-cultural life


Then, it is essential to take into account the cultural and social scene that the city has to offer. From rooftop bars to restaurants specializing in chili crab, there is no shortage of entertainment. From Sentosa Island to numerous theme parks, the city has put it’s focus on providing dynamic leisure activities for all. Considering there are nearly 7,000 restaurants, featuring cuisine from all around the world, there is no shortage of food culture either. Not to mention, the infamous Singapore Sling cocktail, which deserves it’s own entry for the legend surrounding it.

Singapore Best Asian City

Singapore Best Asian City


Going green

Another important point to consider is that Singapore is quite the green city. From the enormous artificial trees that contain their own gardens, these solar-powered beauties help to promote the relationship Singapore has not only with nature, but with preserving the environment. There are also plenty of parks where you can walk through the greenery, but not only that, you can also walk above it in suspended walkways. This bird’s eye view is a real draw not only for the eco-conscious amongst us, but for those who simply want a moment to disconnect from big city life.


Safety first

Singapore is also extremely safe. There are no tales of complex scams, robberies or violent crime that often taints other South East Asian cities. Even the markets are regulated, with many being concentrated into ‘hawker’ centres. These are regularly inspected for hygiene and safety, which means that you don’t have to worry about theft, scams or upset stomachs. There are also plenty of guidelines on how you should behave, from not spitting on the street to personal hygiene. Singapore makes excellent use of gimmicks to sell these ideas, such as Bag-Down Benny, with the result being an incredibly polite and considerate social structure that is a big draw for the majority of expats.


How does your city measure up compared to Singapore? Do you agree with the ranking? Comment below with your opinions!

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