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Why Singapore Airlines is the best in the world.

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If you missed the news this week, you would have missed the numerous reports that Singapore Airlines is the best in the world. Whether you have flown with them before or not, you may be asking what it is they have over the competition. Beating off competition from Qantas and Qatar, Singapore has soared to the top of the listings and we are going to see why.


Singapore Airlines currently fly to over 64 destinations all over the world, and are currently based out of Changi airport. They have always had a reputation for being one of the best, but it is only now that they have managed to climb to the top of the rankings after their last win in 2008. Alongside being the best airline in the world, they also won prizes for being the best first class, best first class airline seat and best airline in Asia.


Why did Singapore Airlines win?

Many customers have commented that the airline has been consistently the best for experience. Singapore Airlines are also breaking boundaries by being ahead of the crowd, exemplified by their recent installation of first class suites complete with double beds. Whilst first class is above and beyond the means of many regular travellers, it has to be said that the first class suites on Singapore Airlines are the roomiest, most luxurious and extremely comfortable. The suites measure 50 square feet, have a leather chair as well as a bed, and even a wardrobe. There is even a storage unit, like a bedside table, for your hand luggage, jewellery or any other smaller items that you want to keep safe during the flight. There is also a 32 inch television screen to watch the in-flight entertainment system. The in-flight toiletry package features creams from Lalique, as well as eyemasks, earplugs, pyjamas, slippers and socks. You will also be served your meal on Wedgwood crockery, and your drinks in crystal glasses. There are six of these suites but only on the Airbus A380. The suite is not available on all flights, but the ‘standard’ first class is also one of the best in the world. All seats transform into a bed and television screens are still large.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines


What about business class?

For those lucky enough to be travelling on business class regularly, Singapore Airlines also tops the charts. On the A380, the seats recline into beds and if you are next to your partner, you can also join seats to make a double bed. Seats are wider and TV screens are only marginally smaller than in first class. Singapore Airlines also won an award for the Best Business Class in Asia, so you can rest assured that you will be treated like royalty here too. Let’s also draw attention to how polite and professional the flight attendants are. Singapore Airlines regularly invests in high-quality training for their employees and the flight attendants are among some of the best in the world.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines


Economy class

So what does the airline have to offer us regular travellers? Seat pitch is greater than on other airlines, measuring 32 inches, whilst width can be as much as 19 inches. The meals are what really set Singapore Airlines apart in economy however. Serving chicken and prawn laksa, a Singaporean specialty, as an example. Singapore Airlines also consults with chefs in order to ensure their menus are nutritious and taste good, testing the food in a pressurised cabin simulation to ensure that it’s as good off the ground as on it. If you are a premium passenger, you also have a ‘Book the Cook’ option which means that if you order 24 hours before your flight, you have a much wider selection of meal options. Importantly, all Singapore Airlines passengers can access the internet. It costs extra if you are in economy, but those in first and business receive this service for free.


Have you ever flown with Singapore Airlines? How was the experience? Comment below!

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