Why You Should Be Excited About KidZania Singapore

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As an expat parent who has just moved into one of the most competitive countries in the world, you might be wondering what do its citizens and their kids on the tiny red dot do for entertainment on weekends and school holidays. If repeated visits to Universal Studios Singapore and Legoland Malaysia Resort are not your thing, good news: KidZania Singapore is opening soon in 2016!

KidZania is an indoor family edutainment centre that offers kids an interactive learning and entertainment experience in a kid-sized city, through over 80 role-play activities. How would you like your kids to learn what it’s really like to be in your shoes, or to be able to role-play their dream jobs? Sounds like fun?

Here’s five major reasons to be excited about KidZania Singapore’s upcoming arrival:
  1. It is the first island resort

First of all, it is the ONLY KidZania in the world to be located on an island resort—on Palawan Beach, Sentosa, to be exact—and home to a full-sized fuselage of a Boeing 737! Additionally, Kidzania Singapore has partnered with various local and well-known brands such as Maybank, 7-Eleven, Nanyang Official, and Kiss92 Singapore, just to name a few, which makes this theme park uniquely Singapore!

KidZania Singapore - Map

  1. Kids get to work with real, working equipment

Rather than offering thrill rides or video-game arcades, KidZania Singapore will give kids between the ages of four and 14 the chance to enact the roles of adults in a extravagantly scaled-down model of the world. There are no plastic toys here, kids get to work with real, functioning equipment and facilities such as cameras and sound equipment in a television studio, hoses for putting out fire, ATMs to withdraw money from, and an airport terminal where kids can learn to pilot a plane through the flight simulator. Tell us that isn’t better than video games!


  1. Kids get to pick up new life skills

KidZania has its own currency called kidZos, which can be used in branches around the world or deposited in the central bank and accessed with a debit card. Like the real world, they can increase their “wealth” by participating in an activity and earning a “salary”. The theme park even has its own “language”—short phrases that are delivered in a combination of English and Z’s, such as “Zanks!” for “thanks” and “Z-U!” for “see you”. This system helps to improve the kids’ communication skills, boost their confidence, promote creativity and logical thinking, build character, and equip them with essential life skills such as financial literacy.

Kid picking up life skills Kidzania

  1. Kids get to role-play their dream jobs

As mentioned earlier, kids are encouraged to participate in over 80 role-play activities in order to earn their “salary”, such as delivering DHL packages, presenting the news on television, fire-fighting, taking photographs, cooking, and more. Those who have always wanted to become doctors, or pilots, or firefighters will finally get a chance to be one. It’s all role-play, but considering that emphasis in placed into educational experiences in KidZania, it places your kids in a position where they actively learn about various careers, and put some thought into what they want to be in the future.

Kidzania - roleplay dream job

  1. Kids get a sense of autonomy

At KidZania, kids are empowered to become independent. They are given their own kidZos and they can make their own decisions about what they want to do and how they want to spend their “money” (parents are not allowed in KidZania unless a kid accompanies them). At the same time, KidZania will also help your kid understand the challenges their parents face as they work their way through the various simulated jobs and learn about how adults feel when they work as well as how being an adult comes with responsibilities.

Kidzania - driving school

[All Image Credits: KidZania]

In a nutshell, KidZania is the anti-Neverland—where kids go to become adults. However, the theme park’s quirky, yet proudly mundane municipality may prove to be a fun and enriching experience for your kids as they learn something while having fun against the backdrop of a serene tropical beach. So, are you excited about KidZania Singapore yet?

Would you be bringing your kid(s) to KidZania Singapore when it opens? Do you think your kid(s) will like it? Do share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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