Catherine Rose Yates
BODYMIND on Niven / Owner

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Catherine Rose Yates

Catherine Rose Yates

Profile Description

Catherine Rose-Yates is a personal trainer, ex-dancer, actress and model from the UK with over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. She started her fitness and wellness businesses here in Singapore after moving there as an expat trailing spouse eight years ago.

BODYMIND on Niven is a boutique ‘one stop shop’ dedicated to helping you to reach your physical and mental fitness goals, whatever they are. We staff a select group of the most inspirational and motivating trainers we can find, who will work with you on either a one to one basis or in small group sessions. If YOU don’t know how to get started or are stuck in a rut, WE can get you sorted out, fired up and on the right track. With a focus on functional exercise, one to one training sessions, fun inspiring workouts and overall wellbeing, we have the full backup of a team of complimentary physical and mental therapists to help you make conscious lifestyle changes and reach your goals at an achievable pace with all the support you need.

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