Write For TheExpat.com
- Style Guide

Tone and Manner of Writing
Articles should be factual, original and sprinkled with humour where possible.

Type of Articles
In addition to well-written articles, we’re also interested in receiving videos, infographics, reviews, photos and tips.

Article Submission Format
Articles should be submitted in Word or Google Docs format (no PDFs) and videos should preferably be uploaded to YouTube and under 6-minutes in length. For infographics, ensure you send across the embeddable link (linking to original source), and that any images are in jpg format.

Style Guide and Tips On Getting Published:
1) Articles should be between 500-800 words in length
2) Use only one space after a full stop
3) Numbers from 1-9 must be written alphabetically i.e. one, two, three etc. and numbers from 10 onwards must be in numeric format i.e. 10, 11, 12 etc.
4) Use British English
5) Always edit your article before sending it to us! The easier and better presented your article is, the more likely it is to stand out and get published. While we’ll always check it to ensure there are no typos, be sure you thoroughly fine-tune it first, and then get someone else to read it, too.
6) Our tip is to read it aloud to see if it flows and make sense first… but admittedly, this is best done in private!
7) Never include bad language, pornography, racist remarks or any material that is libellous whether against a company, organisation or individual

Target Audience
– Make sure content is suited to our demographic. We cater for expats living in seven regions listed on our homepage– so please only send us content relevant to these areas. In terms of age, our target audience is 30-70 years of age.

To fit in with our style and standards, we’ll make editorial tweaks where necessary, but for any big re-writes, we’ll endeavour to get back to you first.

With images, we may need to crop them to fit in with our standards and templates. Please send us any links you’d like us to use with your image.

Once Your Submission is Published…
We encourage you to share your article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. In return, we’ll link back to your website or social media site of choice, and post your published article on our social media sites. To help raise your profile, please send us a short biography and an image of yourself.

How Do You Submit?
Please send the following to lisa@theexpat.com:
i. Your article/video/infographic/image
ii. Short bio – just a few lines will do – telling us how fabulous you are
iii. Picture of yourself (preferably a headshot) in jpg format
iv. Link to your website or social media platform of choice

Once received, we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!